Traveling to Hue? Here are 5 ways to save money

Before traveling to Hue, you might want to research as many information as possible to maximize your time and experience. One of the most crucial topics is how to save money when visiting Hue. There are many travel tips in Hue including finding the right transportation, visit free attractions in Hue, book excellent budget home-stays and tours and many more.

Read up to save your budget in Hue below!


First of all is how to get to Hue conveniently and safely. There are many tips in choosing the right transportation for you. Included:


It is a good idea to help you limit travel cost. Traveling to Hue by train is not only cheap but also comfortable. Moreover, the scenery on the way is also stunning, as the train will go over the Hai Van Pass, while most vehicles will go through the Hai Van Tunnel.

Here are approximate prices for routes to Hue by train:

RoutesHard SeatsSoft SeatsCabin with beds
Ha Noi to Hue$14$19$28 – $35
Ninh Binh to Hue$12$16$25 – $30
Dong Hoi to Hue$3$5$8
Danang to Hue$2.5$6$8
Ho Chi Minh to Hue$17$23$36 – $40

There are no train from Phong Nha to Hue and Hoi An to Hue, but you can use local bus to train station.

If you want to go by train, book directly via their official website Vietnam Railways. Booking through an agent website may charge you higher.

For those of you plan trip spontaneously, it’s worth to check their departure hours before hand then buy tickets at the train station an hour before departure date. There are always seat available. Please note during Tet Holiday, securing a cheap ticket is harder due to a huge flock of local Vietnamese going to back to their hometown.


5 ways to save money when traveling to Hue
The Sinh Tourist Bus

Bus service in Vietnam is extremely excellent with sleeping bus option for travelers. However, travel by sleeping bus or open tour bus may be a mess if you choose the bad company.

We recommend The Sinh Tourist open bus tour as one of the most reliable ones to book a bus ticket. Even though their price may be a little higher than average, their bus is quite new and their drivers drive safer.

Here are some approximate prices for your reference:

♦ Hoi An or Da Nang to Hue: 120.000 VND (around $5).

♦ Hanoi to Hue: 200,000 VND (around $9)

♦ Ninh Binh to Hue: 219,000 VND (around $10)

♦ Phong Nha to Hue: 200,000 VND (around $9)

For those of you who plan to travel to Hoi An on a budget, it’s worth to read more of this detailed 4 Budget Ways to Travel from Hue to Hoi An.


5 ways to save money when traveling to Hue
Bee Bee Travel is a good company to use for transportation service.

Even though traveling by public transport is usually cheaper, if you travel with a group of friends or family, booking a private car to divide the cost to the whole group could be more economical. You will have a whole car for yourselves. It is not only comfortable, but you can also have the freedom to visit any landmark on the way. Also, you are well-protected in any weather circumstances.

Here are few prices for routes to Hue:

Hoi An to Hue: $60, which is excellent to enjoy Hai Van Pass.

Phong Nha to Hue: $105, great option to sightseeing the DMZ along the way.

You can use this local travel agent who deliver tentative driver and guide service to book your road trips to Hue. Contact Bee Bee Travel.


As you know that Hue is a wonderful budget destination which attracts a large number of visitors every year. Besides many must-see attractions that require huge ticket money from your pockets, there are a wide range of gorgeous landscapes and historical buildings that you can enjoy for free. Save it for your bucket list in Hue below:

quoc hoc hue duoc tron bo huy chuong 5 mon thi olympic 12 1501842262436 - Traveling to Hue? Here are 5 ways to save money
Quoc Hoc highschool.


Within walking distance, there are great walking routes and places ranging for their uniqueness and history values that you should not miss.

Truong Tien and Dong Ba market: The Truong Tien Bridge and Dong Ba market are icons of Hue. Its location next to each other makes a wonderful walk for you to explore local way of life. When you visit Dong Ba Market, you will be lost in a world for goods to local dishes.

Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities: If you do not want to pay 150,000 VND (around $6) entrance fee for the Hue Imperial city but still want to enjoy the glory of Nguyen Dynasty, Hue Royal Museum of Antiquities is an ideal place. It’s situated within Hue Citadel close to many other royal landmarks near Hue Imperial City.

Thien Mu Pagoda: The Pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, on the left bank of the Perfume River, about 5km west of the city. Thien Mu pagoda was built in 1601 and is renown for its beauty and history values to Hue. It’s also a must-see Hue Attraction that most visitors choose as first thing to do in Hue.

Quoc hoc High school: It was built in 1896 under the direction of Thanh Thai Emperor. Moreover, President Ho Chi Minh, General Vo Nguyen Giap and many other famous leaders attended in this gift school. With a special architecture, Quoc Hoc high school became an attractive location for visitors.

Con Hen Island: This is a small island on the Perfume River running through Hue City. Con Hen is famous for Com hen and Che Bap. This is also the paradise of Hue food.


5 ways to save money when traveling to Hue
Vong Canh Hill also known as the Bunker Hill.

Vong Canh hill: Its location is 7-km from the center of Hue city and famous for most exotic landscapes you can experience in Hue. Most adventurers love to visit here by motorbike.

Thanh Toan village: Thanh Toan is an ancient bridge and located in Thanh Thuy Chanh village, about 8 km from the center of Hue city. Through the ups and downs of history, the bridge still preserves the architectural features.

Ho Thuy Tien Abandoned Waterpark: If you are an adventurous traveler and want to explore the most mysterious places in Hue, then you should not miss Hue Abandoned Water Park, which has been left for almost 10 years.

Hue Mural Village: a 700-metre long mural wall located on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, a brand-new destination for local and travelers alike. You can also visit Huyen Tran Cong Chua Temple at the end of the road. It offers spectacular view of Hue City.


Home-stay is a right choice for smart visitors. If you are traveling to Hue on a budget, home-stay will help you save more money. You get to interact with local hosts more and experience authentic cuisine offered by them. Furthermore, there are many a cheap room right in the center of the city from only 10 USD. You can also try Airbnb for more option. If you travel with a group of friends, it is highly recommended to book a dorm or a home-stay.

traveling to Hue
April Hostel, a great address for budget travelers.

Here are our top 3 suggestions for excellent home-stays in Hue Center with less than $10:

April Hostel: This is a comfortable and friendly space with full service in Hue center. Coming here, you can cook, talk and share your experience together with local host. It’s also close to Hue Walking street with great food and pub-ing option to choose from.

Tintin hostel: This hotel is quite familiar to tourists because of the reasonable price, friendly staff, comfortable bed. Its location in the middle of Vo Thi Sau street makes it ideal of budget travelers to hang out at night.

Déjà vu Homestay: A bit far from Hue Walking Street but it’s an excellent option for travelers who love to stay in a quiet place with dreamy décor and excellent host.


Joining a tour when travel is a must to understand more of the destinations and local way of life.

By booking a tour, everything you see will become much different, you will find more meaning behind anything you see, and you will have the answer for any question you wonder.

However, many people believe booking a tour could be costly, especially a private tour with a local guide. This is not true to all case, if you know the what budget tour to book and know the right company, you can still save lots of money.

bach ma national park
Bach Ma National Park Tour, a ideal tour in summer.

Depends on your budget and number of passengers you are traveling to Hue with, here are our top 5 budget tours in Hue you should book by reliable companies:

Hue Bus Tour: This option helps you to visit 5 must-see attractions in Hue in a day with only $17/ person in small group. Its price does not include entrance fee, which is an extra of $14/ person. Book here.

Bach Ma National Park Tour: The trek in Bach Ma would be ideal for travelers who love outdoor activities and nature. And if you are fed up with pagoda and ancient architecture, this $27 tour is for you. It includes everything from bus, tour guide, lunch and entrance fee. Hooray! Book here.

Hue Imperial City Walking Tour: Even if you only have half a day in Hue, this is a must see for you in Hue. This $15 tour runs at 8:30 and 14:00 so when you get off your bus from Hoi An or Hanoi in the morning or early afternoon, there is time for you to make it. The company who runs this accepts urgent booking so feel free to contact them here.

Hue Walking Food Tour: If you are into food, spending your evening is ideal to explore Hue Cuisine. There are great budget food tour options in Hue such as the Hue Walk of Street Culinary. It’s $29/ person but you get to try 8+ dishes and drinks. Book here.

Hue City Tour by Private Car: If you travel with a group of friends, renting a private car with driver is very economical to save money in Hue. A private 4-seat car rent with good English command driver is only $45/ car. You get to travel far to Minh Mang Mausoleum and the driver waits for you to finish tour, sometimes 8 hours per day. A great luxury option with such small spending per person! Book here.


Hue street food is one of the unique features of Hue cuisine. You can find these in any corners of Hue from morning to late evening. Some dishes are even under $1 per portion. However, the tasty values it brings is just as good as the same dish being served in high end restaurants. Moreover, you get to experience local way of life and feel like an adventure when traveling to Hue.

Hue Food Tour - Traveling to Hue? Here are 5 ways to save money
Exploring Hue Street Food is budget traveler’s favorite things to do.

Here are a list of 5 excellent Hue Street Food under one US dollar and where you can find them:

Banh Mi Truong Tien: 7,000 VND – 10,000 VND (less than 50 cents). Go to Truong Tien bridge around 08:00 PM onwards.

Bun Bo Hue: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND (around $1,2). Address: Bun Bo Cam, 49 Le Loi street, Hue City, 07:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 15:00 – 19:00.

Banh Khoai: 20,000 VND (around 90 USD cents). Address: Banh Khoai Lac Thien, 6 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hue City.

Nem Lui: 7,000 VND per skewer. Right in front of Dong Ba market from 14:00 onwards.

Com Hen: 7,000 VND – 10,000 VND per portion. Address: Com Hen Hoa Dong, 5 Ung Binh on Con Hen Island.

Read more:

Top 6 Hue Local Food You Must Try

Hue Restaurants: From Street Food Stalls to Fine Dining Restaurants

Above is 5 smart ways to save money when traveling to Hue. As you see, with all the tips above, your expected spending in Hue should be less than $20 per day. Hue is a wonderful destination for budget travelers indeed. Be sure you stay in Hue longer than one day to explore all its hidden beauty. You will be long for a return to our wonder land!

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