Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets

When planning a trip to Vietnam, it’s important to know how much entrance fees costs in each attraction. We always think entrance fee would not add too much to our budget on travel. In fact, in most of cases, entrance fee can be more expensive than food and drink itself. To help you know how much you will expect to pay to see cities in Southern Vietnam, here is a guide to Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets.  

Finally, this is the latest update of Southern Vietnam entrance ticket in 2018.

I. Entrance tickets for Southeast Area:

  1. Ho Chi Minh City:

Ho Chi Minh City ( as known as Sai Gon) is the biggest city in Vietnam. It also a center of economics,  politics, culture and education in Vietnam nowadays. This city has suffeed a lot from the war. Thus, it is very modern city in Vietnam.

Tp HCM - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets

Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Doc Lap Official Residence30.000 VND/ person

20.000 VND/ person/ Group over 20 tourists

War Museum15.000 VND/person 
Cu Chi Tunnel110.000 VND/ person 
Ho Chi Minh Museum25.000 VND/ person
Dai Nam Park
Thao Cam Vien

(Sai Gon Zoo And Botanical Garden)

50.000 VND/ adult30.000 VND/ child
Nha Rong Depot2.000 VND/ person 
Dam Sen Waterpark  
Suoi Tien Park  

2. Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province:

Ba Ria Vung Tau is famous for the beautiful beach, white sands the friendly people. This place is suitable for visitors who want a relaxing trip.

Vung Tau - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Vung Tau
Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
White Palace50.000 VND/ person
Ho May Tourism Area300.000 VND/ person
Binh Chau Hot Spring30.000 VND/ person20.000 VND/ child
Foot Bathing in Hot Spring50.000 VND/ person
Bathing in Hot Spring150.000 VND/ person
Dog Racing60.000 VND/ person

120.000 VND/ VIP

Con Dao Island
Con Dao Prison20.000 VND/ person
Con Dao Gallery10.000 VND/ person
Mud Bath400.000 VND/ adult200.000 VND/ child

3. Tay Ninh Province:

Coming to Tay Ninh is coming to the mystery of a Vietnamese religion – Cao Dai. You can get to know the distinction and unique architecture of this religion. This will surprise  you with a lot of interesting information and real experience when visiting Holy See.

Cao Dai Holy See - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Cao Dai Holy See
Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Holy See Free
Ba Den Mountain
Entrance Ticket16.000 VND/ adult6.000 VND/ child
Cable Cars150.000 VND/ Adult80.000 VND/ Child
Half-pipe120.000 VND/ adult65.000 VND/ child

II. Mekong Delta River Area (Southwest Area):

  1. An Giang Province:

    Cam Mountain - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
    Cam Mountain

Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Cam Mountain Tourism Area50.000 VND/ person
Cam Mountain
10.000 VND/ person

2. Bac Lieu Province:

Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Cong Tu Bac Lieu’s Home15.000 VND/ adult10.000 VND/child

3. Ca Mau Province:

Da Bac Isle - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Da Bac Islet
Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Mui Ca Mau Tourism Area10.000 VND/ person
Sightseeing by Express trains (from Nam Can)3.600.000 VND/ 34 seats
Da Bac Islet25.000 VND/ person

4. Can Tho Province:

Can Tho is a southern city of Vietnam. Therefore, this will be famous for the floating market – a special culture of Vietnam Southern people. You can enjoy the crowd of market, know how people purchase goods and Vietnamese custom through the visit.

Cho Noi Cai Rang - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Cho Noi Cai Rang




01-09 pax10-15 pax16-25 pax
Cai Rang Floating Market2 hours420.000 VND520.000 VND620.000 VND

5. Dong Thap Province:

Tram Chim National Park - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Tram Chim National Park
Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old
Xeo Quyt Tourism Area5.000 VND/ Adult2.000 VND/ child
Tram Chim- Tam Nong National Park40.000 VND/ person
Gao Giong Ecotourism Area10.000 VND/ person
Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House30.000 VND/ person

6. Kien Giang Province:

Kien Giang - Southern Vietnam Entrance Tickets
Kien Giang
Price For AdultPrice For Child under 12 years old

Phu Quoc Island

Coi Nguon Museum20.000 VND/ person
Suoi Tranh Tourism Area10.000 VND/ person
Phu Quoc PrisonFree
Phu Quoc Dog Conservation Farmstead40.000 VND/ person

240.000 VND/ person/ turn of dog race

Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land500.000 VND/ adult400.000 VND/ children under 1.3 meter
Vinpearl Safari500.000 VND/ adult400.000 VND/ children under 1.3 meter
Vinpearl Land + Vinpearl Safari700.000 VND/ adult550.000 VND/ children under 1.3 meter
Stone Cave in Van Village5.000 VND/ person 
Chau Nam Mountain5.000 VND/ person 
Mui Nai Beach5.000 VND/ person 


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