Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam

When visiting a country, beside the amazing destinations, you probably want to try out the unique culinary culture of it. This is the reason why you should read this article for the trip in Vietnam.

Hue Traditional Dishes

1. Bun Bo Hue- Vietnamese Hue Beef Vermicelli Soup


bun bo hue - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
Bun Bo Hue
  • Firstly, Hue beef noodle is the most popular beef vermicelli culinary of Hue.
  • The main ingredients include vermicelli, beef, lemongrass and seasonings. 
  • When people eat Bun Bo Hue, they sometimes put rare-beef, grilled chopped crab, grilled chopped meat, fish sauce, salad to this traditional dish. However, tourists have to use the chopsticks and it is quite hard for the first time trying. 
  • Recommended Locations:
    Address 06 Tran Thuc Nhan, Hue 05 Nguyen Du
    Opening time 06:30 – 11:00 15:00 – 20:00
    Price 15.000 VND – 30.000 VND 20.000 VND – 45.000 VND


2. Banh Canh Ca Loc Thuy Duong (Thuy Duong Snakehead Noodle Soup/Snakehead Porridge )


banh canh ca loc - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
A harmony of taste and color- Banh Canh Ca Loc
  • Firstly, Banh Canh Ca Loc  is a traditional cuisine coming from Thuy Duong Area in Hue, Viet Nam. In addition,it is not only popular within Hue  but is also a favorite dish for visitors from all over the world. Thus, people usually eat this dish for snack or the midnight meals.
  • Futher,  the noodle of Banh Canh is made from rice flour. Then, the maker will grind the bones of snakeheads and boils them with seasoning to get the bouillon. From the simplest ingredients, you can taste the natural sweet of the fish combining with  the spicy and salty taste. Therefore, Banh canh ca loc is a must-try dish when you visit Hue.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Canh Ca Loc DI HUONG   NAM HONG diner
    Address 14 Le Thanh Ton, Hue 45 Ngu Binh, Hue
    Opening time 15:00 – 21:00 15:00 – 20:00
    Price 15.000 VND  10.000 VND-22.000 VND


3. Banh Canh Nam Pho ( Nam Pho Crab noodle soup)


banh canh nam pho - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
The image of banh canh nam pho
  • Banh canh Nam Pho is known as the most attractive dish in Viet Nam. It is the traditional food coming from Nam Pho Area in Hue, Viet Nam. As a custom, people from Nam Pho Village are street vendor in Hue City. Their food stalls are the highlights for Hue culinary that tourists feel unforgetable once they try it.
  • The noodles of this dish is not the same kind of one in Banh canh Ca loc. It was made with cassava flour and rice flour. The consomme’ of Banh Canh Nam Pho is the water which is used to boil the boiled chopped shrimp, pork meat and the Banh Canh noodle. At last, put scallion and the seasoning to make the multiform flavor.
  • People should eat Banh Canh Nam Pho as a hot snack in the afternoon. 
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Canh Nam Pho O HANG Banh Canh Nam Pho THUY
    Address 16 Ha Huy Tap, Hue 16 Pham Hong Thai, Hue
    Opening time 13:00 – 21:00 15:00 – 21:00
    Price 10.000 VND – 30.000 VND 5.000 VND – 10.000 VND

    4. Banh beo (Waterfern cakes)

    banh beo - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    A famous local food in Hue city- banh beo

  • Banh Beo is a common dish that you should try out when visiting Hue. The fact that the name Banh Beo means the duckweed because they have the same shape.
  • People make Banh Beo from rice flour and tapioca flour. After steaming cake, they also put dried shrimps, crispy pork skin, scallion oil, and dipping sauce to enjoy the meal. Banh Beo is the combination of salty , sweet and spicy of  fish source, the goodsmell of rice in the cake and the crunchy in dried pork.
  • Banh Beo is served with spicy and sweet fish sauce, dried shrimp and crunchy pork. 
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Beo Huong – Cung An Dinh
    Address:  148 Nguyen Hue Str
    Opening time: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
    Price: 25,000 – 40,000 VND

    5. Banh Nam: 


    foody mobile 23 jpg 395 635717978480773861 - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    Bánh Nậm

  • Banh Nam is a kind of traditional cake in Hue, along with Banh Beo, Banh Loc. The ingredients of Banh Nam is simple and suitable for both elderly and kids.
  • In Hue, people eat Banh Nam which is made from smashed green been, smashed dried shrimp, rice flour, tapioca and seasoning.During lenten weeks, people don’t use shrimp as the ingredients.  The sauce to eat with Banh Nam is sweet fish sauce.
  • While eating Banh Nam, we peel the leaves, then laying  it on the plate. You should not completely peel the leaves off, the smell of that leaves help you not to feel surfeit. At last, dip into the sauce and eating.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Beo Huong – Cung An Dinh
    Address:  148 Nguyen Hue Str
    Opening time: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
    Price: 25,000 – 40,000 VND

    Banh Loc:


    bánh lọc - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    bánh lọc

  • Banh Loc is a favourite cake of Vietnamese, especially with people coming from the North and the Middle of Vietnam. In Hue, Banh Loc is famous for the texture of the chewy covering and the delicious core.
  • People make Banh Loc from the cassava. It has the core inside which are usually shrimps or pork or a mixture of them.  There are 2 kind of Banh Loc : “Banh Loc Tran” and “Banh Loc Goi” for tourists to try out. “ Banh loc tran” is the cake steamed without the peel out side. In the other hand,  “Banh loc goi” is in banana leaves and being steamed after covering.
  • While eating Banh Loc, we need the salty spicy fish sauce to souse on the cake. This kind of street bite is easy to eat and it is a worthy snack for your trip.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Beo Huong – Cung An Dinh
    Address:  148 Nguyen Hue Str
    Opening time: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM
    Price: 25,000 – 40,000 VND

    7. Banh Khoai (Happy pancake )


    banh khoai 1 - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    banh khoai

  • This is a kind of Banh Xeo in Viet Nam. However, Banh Khoai Thuong Tu is the most famous fried pancake. It is a symbol of pancake in Viet Nam.
  • It is a kind of fried pancake made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder.  
  • In Hue, Banh Khoai Thuong Tu is usually served with grill pork, speacial sauce with soy sauce, smashed animal liver and peanut milk. With banh khoai, salad is highly recommended to be a pair in meal.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Khoai HANH Banh Khoai LAC THIEN
    Address 11 Pho Duc Chinh, Hue 06 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hue
    Opening time 09:00 – 21:00 08:00 – 22:30
    Price 20.000 VND – 55.000 VND 50.000 VND – 70.000 VND

    Nem Lui (grilled sausage)


    nem lui - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam

  • Nem Lui is a kind of grilled sausage made from the fresh pork without ferment progress. People usually serve this significant dish as snack or lunch.
  • The highlight of Nem Lui is its dipping sauce. This sauce is the mixture of peanut butter and soy sauce, garlic and chilli. With fresh vegetables and lecctuce we make the roll with this dish and rice paper pancake.
  • We can eat Nem Lui with “Bun Thit Nuong” or “ Banh Khoai”. Moreover, we can use the rice paper pancake to wrap it with vegetables, then dip it into the  sauce and enjoy your meal.
  • Recommend Places:
     Tai Phu Restaurant Banh Khoai Hong Mai
    Address 2 Dien Bien Phu Str 110 Dinh Tien Hoang
    Opening time 7:15 AM – 10:05 PM 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Price 20,000 – 55,000 VND 10,000 – 25,000 VND

    9. Bun Thit Nuong Hue ( Vermicelli with grilled meat)


    bun thit nuong - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    Bún Thịt Nướng


  • Bun Thit Nuong is a popular cold vermicelli dish in Hue.  Bun Thit Nuong reminds you of the delicious dish with fresh grilled pork and sweet peanut sauce. The pork of Bun Thit Nuong  from the local farms. They have good taste with the half of lean meat and a half of fatback.
  • Bun Thit Nuong does not have it own bouillon. People put grilled meat on the vermicelli with peanut, vegetable and crunchy pork as topping. The sauce is peanut sauce with crushed garlic, chilli and smashed animal liver. We  souse that sause into the Bun thit nuong and mix them.
  • Learning to use chopstick is necessary beacause there is no bouilon and the spoon is useless with it.
  • Recommend Places:
    Bun Thit Nuong CHI TUYEN Bun Thit Nuong 333
    Address 14/17 Han Mac Tu Str,  Hue 333 Dien Bien Phu, Hue
    Opening time 14:00 – 19:00 14:00 – 19:00
    Price 4.000 VND – 10.000 VND 10.000VND– 15.000 VND

10. Banh Ram It Hue:


bánh ram ít - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
bánh ram ít
  • Banh Ram It is the most popular cake in Hue for it originallity. You can feel both soft and crunchy when tasting it. 
  • The ingredients of Banh Ram It are fresh shrimp, pork meat, dried shrimp and sauce. After wrapping the core with rice flour, we steam a half and fried the rest. The sauce of Banh Ram It is made with the boiled shrimp water and fish sauce, suger and smashed garlic with chilli.
  • When eating Banh Ram It, you just dip it into the sauce and eat it easily.
  • Recommend Places:
    Quan Huong Quan Chi
    Address 31/177 Phan Dinh Phung Str 52 Le Viet Luong
    Opening time 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Price 25,000 – 40,000 VND 15,000 – 50,000 VND

    11. Va Tron (Mixed Figs)


    vả trộn - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    vả trộn

  • A traditional gourmet made from a kind of fruit in Hue. The fig is the speaciality of Hue. People use it cooking many dishes. The best dish with fig is Va Tron. 
  • Va Tron includes fig fruit, shrimp, meat and peanut. To cook Va Tron, people boil the ingredients in 10 minutes. Then they slice them and mix them together with seasonings.
  • Hue people usually eat this  gourmet with spicy fish sauce and grilled rice paper pancake.
  • Recommend Places:
    Gà Kiến Restaurant & Coffe Kim Crawfish Restaurant
    Address 141 Dien Bien Phu, Hue 13/64 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
    Opening time 08:00 – 22:00 10:00 – 21:00
    Price 60.000VND – 250.000VND 60.000VND – 250.000VND    

    12. Com Am  Phu (Rice from Hell):


    comamphu 1 - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    Cơm âm phủ

  • This is the unique cooked rice dish in Viet Nam. The name Com Am Phu appeared from nearly 1 century ago by the owner of restaurant. At that time, there was no electric light and the customer had to eat in the dark with cold cilmate of Hue. Thus, the owner gave the name Com Am Phu for this dish.
  • Com Am Phu in the past was an assorted of the left over of other dish . However, Hue people these day make Com Am Phu from the fresh and brand new ingredients. In Com Am Phu, there are cooked rice, sliced fried eggs,  smashed dried shrimp, Vietnamese pork sausage, peanut and vegetables.
  • People serve Cơm Am Phu  with spicy fish sauce and pickles. 
  • Recommend Places  :
    Com AM PHU
    Address: 51 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue.
    Opening time: 16:00 – 20:00
    Price: 50.000 VND – 100.000 VND

13. Diem Nuong Cay ( Spicy Grilled lapped pork):


diềm nướng - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
diềm nướng
  • In Viet Nam, grilled dishes are very popular for young people. However, Hue has its own recipes to make a unique super spicy favor. This gourmet is the perfect choice for your winter day.  Diem Nuong Cay is a traditional dish of Van Kieu minority ethnic living in the mountainous area of Hue.
  • Diem is the lap of the pigs.People marinade with salt, suger , super-spicy chilli and others seasoning before being grilled. The cook should not grill Diem in an undercook or raw way. Perfect half-done Diem has the russet color and the typical smell of meat with the crunchingly texture. The right dipping sauce for this Diem Nuong Cay is  crushed salt with chilli and lemon. The spicy, salty of sauce, and the sweet of meat is amazing. 
  • The vegetable to wrap the meat, then dipping the roll into the sauce is raw.
  • Recommend Places :
    Nuong Cay CAY DUA Nuong cay 89
    Address 16 Truong Chinh, Hue 89 Ba Trieu, Hue
    Opening time 16:00 – 22:00 18:00 – 23:00
    Price 20.000 VND – 50.000 VND 40.000 VND – 50.000 VND


    14. Chao Bo (Beef Porridge)


    cháo bò - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
    cháo bò

  • In the midst of cold weather, enjoying a steaming porridge is very exciting. There is no doubt to say that  anyone who “fall in love” with Chao Bo must go to Hue, but not anywhere else.
  • Chao Bo is the porridge cooked with beef and beef’s organ. To cook Chao Bo, we need an elaborately process. First, you have to choose good beef.  There are many parts of meat of the cow, the beef porridge will gather all. Choose fresh bone, wash and simmer with little salt. When the water comes out, the kitchen is off. Transfer to burner in pressure cooker with beef tendon.
  • The cow beef is too special, each piece of cattle that is soft, this is also a suggestion for hot summer days. A full bowl of nutrient-enriching porridge that will enrich your sensation of food.
  • Recommend Places:
    Chao Bo THUY Chao Bo O TUE
    Address 74 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue. 149 Chi Lang, Hue
    Opening time 8:00 – 20:00 15:00 – 20:00
    Price 10.000 VND – 20.000 VND 15.000 VND – 20.000 VND

     15. Banh Uot Thit Nuong


banh uot thit nuong - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
Bánh Ướt Thịt Nướng
  • Banh Uot Thit Nuong can be served as main courses, apertise and even a simple street snack with friends and soy beans milk. 
  • Banh Uot is made by rice paper pancake, then people use it to make a roll with grilled pork meat. The dipping sauce is the peanut sauce with smashed garlic and chilli.
  • People usually dip Banh Uot into the sauce, then just enjoy the dish.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Uot Thit Nuong HUYEN ANH Banh Uot Thit Nuong HOANG ANH
    Address 50 Kim Long, Hue 140 Kim Long, Hue
    Opening time  09:00 – 21:00  08:00 – 22:00
    Price 15.000 VND – 33.000 VND 20.000 VND – 25.000 VND


16. Xoi Thit Hon:


xôi thịt hon - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
xôi thịt hon
  • Xoi Thit Hon is the mixture of sticky rice and pork meat. This is a traditional dish in the middle North of Vietnam.
  • Stir-fried pork chopped, marinated with spices, curry powder, turmeric, green onion, soy sauce and fish sauce. Do not forget a little white wine. Lemongrass will be splitted in the pork chops and marinated. Add medium water and boil it until the water is half empty. Boiling the peanut and then peeling the silk cover, steam with pork chops when the pork almost cooked.
  • People use it with rice or Banh Mi.
  • Recommend Places:Xoi Thit Hon

Address: at the Crossroad of Truong Dinh- Pham Hong Thai, Hue.

Opening time:  06:00 – 21:00

Price: 15.000 VND – 30.000 VND


17. Com/Bun/Mi Hen


cơm bún hến - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
cơm bún hến
  • When mentioning Hue, the tour guide would usually discuss about other popular dishes for the lightweights, but, if you are one of those desires taste the best of the best, then Com Hen, Bun Hen, Chao Hen and Mi Hen are the dishes for your wildest dream, but it is not famous for its taste, it is culture and history in the book of Vietnam.
  • Com Hen is made with cooked rice and tiny mussels, besides, people put peanut and salad into the bowl of Com Hen to make it more crunchy. The sauce uses with Com Hen is Mam Nem, Mam nem is made from fermented fish, however, it is not the same with fish sauce. The Mi Hen, Bun Hen are the same with Com Hen, however, the rice will be replaced with the noodles and vermicellies.
  • On the contrary, using this dish requires an adept level of chopsticks kung-fu! Tourist can also use a fork for Bun Hen and Mi Hen for an easier experience while Com hen and Chao Hen are suitable with spoons. 
  • Recommend Places:
    Com Hen- Bun Hen LANH Com Hen- Bun Hen CON HEN
    Address 38 Ngo Gia Tu, Hue Con Hen, Vy Da, Hue
    Opening time  09:00 – 21:00 09:00 – 21:00
    Price 15.000 VND – 33.000 VND 15.000 VND – 33.000 VND


New teen invention Dishes

18. Banh Ep:


banh ep - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
banh ep
  • Teen’s food in Vietnam are always fascinating, in the South we have Banh Trang Nuong, in the North we have Banh Bao Chien. But in the land of Nguyen Emperor, this simple street snack called Banh Ep is a delicacy to the youngsters in Hue, this  little “cookie” is a must have after an entire day at school, or a beautiful Sunday afternoon with friends. 
  • The core of Banh Ep is quite diverse with eggs, meat, pate, dried beef. Put the bolted flour and the core and press the mixture.  As you press the cake, you can not hold back the fragrance of it. 
  • Hands are all the things you need to use this dish, and you can enjoy it with fresh vegetables and its special sauce, Nuoc Mam Chua Ngot.
  • Recommend Places:
    Banh Ep CHI HUE Banh ep O XI
    Address 116 Le Ngo Cat, Hue 18 Mac Dinh Chi,, Hue
    Opening time 16:00 – 19:30 14:00 – 21:00
    Price 2.000VND – 3.000VND 1.000VND – 20.000VND


    19. Hen Xuc Banh Trang 

Hến xúc bành tráng - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
Hến xúc bánh tráng
  • Mussel is considered as an illness prevention foods for its low cholesterol. It is medicine for heart diseases, it also support amenia and tuberculosis paitents, and what is better than foods that can sustain these killers? A dish made from nature’s medicines and crafted by our hard working mothers and sisters, in the land of kings, this dish is called Hen Xuc Banh Trang. Simple as it sounds, Mussels on breads, in this case, Banh Trang. A popular street snack for everyone in everywhere, delicious and cheap
  • Simplistic is the core idea of this dish, so your hands are your spoons, use with vegetable and Nuoc Mam Chua Cay for the best experience
  • Recommend Places:
    Address 66 Ba Trieu,, Hue 253 Phan Boi Chau, Hue
    Opening time 16:00 – 22:30 14:30 – 22:00
    Price 15.000VND – 45.000đVND 10.000VND – 20.000đVND




 Dinner for a full belly


 20.  Bun Giam Nuoc


Bun Giam Nuoc - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam

  • Bun Giam Nuoc is a unique dish of Viet Nam. Especially, tourists only experience this in the summer of Hue realm.  “Nuoc” is the relatives with jellyfish but much more smaller. It is divided into two parts, the ear and the foot. The ear is well suited to grating raw vegetables or spices. But the most remarkable must mention is the legs. They are crispy and crunchy which make the soul of the famous dish: vermicelli noodles of Nuoc.
  • The legs will be soaked in cold water and guava leaves to create the crispy taste.When you eat, take them out to drain them. The delicious noodle soup is thanks to the bouilon. The water is made from alive shrimps which still jumping. After that, peeling and leaving the head, the tail for beautiful. Then season with seasoning to absorb it. Triple meat will be cut into small pieces to eat and marinated with oil, onion, add a little chili powder, fried shrimp meat.
  • Warm noodles, fragrant aroma of herbs, sweet soup of freshwater shrimp mixed with the fat of  fried rice paper, peanuts, particularly the crunchy sweetness of the swallow in the mouth will be unforgettable when you come to Hue.
  • Recommend Places:   BUN GIAM NUOC

      Address: 02 Chi Lang,, Hue.

Opening time: 15:00 – 18:00

Price: 25.000VND – 30.000VND


The rarely-spoken dishes

21. Hoanh Thanh noodle  ( The Wonton)


hoanh thanh - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam

  • Hoanh Thanh is a kind of Chinese dumpling deriving from Kwang Dong, China. It is popular in all over the world, especially in the  Eastern Asia.
  • This noodle first appeared in Viet Nam in the 1930s, however, Vietnamese has changed it to suit the appetite of Viet Nam. Hoanh Thanh in Viet Nam is made from boiled-lean meat, mushroom and fresh shrimp which were covered with a rice- flour leaf . To enjoy the dish with noodle, people put sliced char siu,  boiled eggs, boiled pig livers, mushroom, vegetables and scallion. To make the bouillon, people stew the chicken bone, pork bone, Chinese herbs with shrimp shells.
  • Hoanh Thanh should be served with lime and chilli when it still hot. Some drop of red vinegar may help your culinary taste get better.
  • Recommend Places  

The Chè

22. Che and the Speciality of Hue (Hue Sweetened Porridge and Hue’s speciality)


che bot lot thit heo quay - Hue Street Culinary: 22 must-try dishes in Hue, Vietnam
Che Bot Loc Heo Quay
  • Long time ago, people had mixed the Ancient Champa’s artistic processing and Viet Nam’s traditional food in order to create an every- flavor-gourmet of Hue .  
  • Che is a  sweetened porridge, it is the combination of beans, fruits, or nuts boiled with suger. After cooling the mixture, we pour coconut milk into it. Then stirring your dessert and enjoying it.
  • The speciality Che of Hue is “Bot loc Heo quay”. This cuisine was made with small cassava and rice flour dumplings, the core inside is the toasted pork. This dish is famous for its unique taste, the sweet and salty embroidered together perfectly. The taste of “Bot loc Heo quay” is the same as a magic appealing you to eat it more and more.
  • Recommend Places:             
Address 1/21 Hung Vuong, Hue In front of the Thuong Bac Park
Opening time 10:00 – 22:00 17:00 – 22:00
Price 10.000 VND  8.000 VND – 20.000 VND

Bot loc Heo Quay Sweetened Porridge

  • Bot loc Heo Quay Sweetened Porridge is one of a strange taste dishes in Hue City. This kind of che is not the same with the others because of the salty meat inside the fine flour cover. This bot loc Heo Quay will bring tourist a brand new experience of Che.
  • The ingredients of this dish are fine flour, roasted pork, rock sugar, ginger and peanut. The fine flour has to be ductile. After kneading the flour, we slice it in to a small ball.  next , people slices the ham into tiny cubes and mix them with rock sugar and boil them. At last, stuffing the cube- ham into the fine flour leaf and cooked them with syrup.
  • Bot loc Heo Quay should be served when it still hot. Tourists who enjoy this dish need some ices to get more flavor. The combination of sweety and salty, hot soup and cold ice will satisfy the desire of food inside each guest.Sweetened Porridge ( Che Sua)
  • Milk Sweetened Porridge is a good taste dessert for the Summer days and a speciality of Hue Old Capital. This Milk sweetened porridge is just a simple dish with beans, milk, coconut milk.
  • The glass of Milk Sweetened Porridge is a mixture of color. The bottom of the glass is the yellow sweeten smashed green been, next layer is the milky coconut milk. For the top layer, people use the ivory-white condensed milk with the peanut and dried coconut as topping to create the attrctiveness of the culinary.
  • People usualluy eat this dish with smashed ice and the milk jelly as topping.  Milk Sweetened Porridge is the cool dessert to ease the heat of sweltering summer.

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