What is Hue Free Tour?

Hue Free Walking Tour was founded by Thu Ngo Vu with three missions:

You will be taken for a 2 hour and a half tour around Hue City Center, including the visit in Southern City, Dong Ba Market and First Wall of the Hue Imperial Citadel. We give you useful information of what to do and see and what to eat in our hometown of Hue. Tour starts at 10 and finish around 12’30. Your host is a licensed tour guide who will not only give you interesting information about Hue, but also be in charge of training young people who learn to become a professional in tourism industry. So some days you will be hanging out with more than one tour guide.

What is the relationship between Hue Free Walking Tour and Beebee Travel?

In order for Thu to run this social and meaningful project of Hue Free Walking Tour, she had to register as a business as legislated in Vietnam Tourism Law. Beebee Travel is a key sponsor for Hue Free Walking Tour. We have strong partnership with Transportation Company, Hospitality and Culinary Business Owners and others in Hue and Vietnam.

Beebee Travel provides private tour guide and tours service in Hanoi, Hue, Danang and Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. We support local people and small businesses. Our tours aim to bring you closer to our people’s lives as we believe the best way to enjoy Vietnam is to connect you with people who are part of our beautiful culture.

How we work to empower our people in tourism business and promote the city of Hue?

We welcome young graduates who have a background in Tourism, Economics and Foreign Languages to work with us. Depends on their career goals, we will put them in a right position to maximize their learning ability and potentials.

Monthly, we host personal development skills and tourism workshop to empower them to perform better in customer service and most importantly to build their confidence and help guide their career vision in tourism industry. Our guides are then eager to lead the tour and practice what they learn from training workshop. And day by day, they become what they wish to be, a passionate tour guide who brings Hue closer to you.

Our strong team believes, the most meaningful social work in life is to “Teach people how to fish”. Thus, senior guides would become trainers for new-comers. You see the pictures of our healthy development right here I hope?

We even plan to do more to improve Hue level of hospitality by showing people who are working directly or indirectly in tourism a smart way to do business. You see, local people in the markets, retailers, food and fruit vendors, cycle men,… they are the souls of Vietnam. Without them, you would not want to be here to experience our culture. So, we will teach them “How to fish” and “How to represent as a city ambassador” by various campaigns that if you are in Hue, you will be surprised to see such a healthy city fulled of young people who dare to make a difference not only for themselves, but also for others.

So my dear travelers, we hope you support what we do and enjoy our unique hospitality!

What sites are visited in Hue Free Walking Tour?


Why free?

As said in our missions, we want to create an environment for young people who have a passion for tourism to learn how to become a tour guide. Plus, there are so much hidden corners you might not be able to find yourselves. We are eager to show you what is best for you to try in Hue and how to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Thu Ngo Vu and her team will not stop right here. We will create so many more projects to help our community to benefit from tourism in a smart way and help to empower a passionate and responsible young generation who will bring Hue go beyond border.

Where is the meeting point for Hue Free Walking Tour?

Please find Ceci Station Cafe, 82 Lê Lợi street, Huế city if you want to participate in the Hue Free Walking Tour. Ceci Station is a small cafe with good service which is worth your time enjoying a coffee. We also support small businesses in Hue City.

Is it a custom to tip a guide in Vietnam?

Yes, it is. You can either tip them or say “Cám Ơn”. We are happy either way! Your coming out and time spend with us is what we value the most.

How do I book a paid tour?

There is booking button on our Huefreetour.com website or ask your tour guide where the next tour starts while being with her. You can pay before tour starts.

All tours and schedules can be seen on our homepage.

When will I be charged for a booking?

Once you book our tours on our website, you can pay to our guide before tour starts. No payment needed in advance when book with us.

Can I join several tours in one day?

YES! Check out our Daily Hue Tours for your best activities in Hue city.

Do you offer private tours?

YES! We have several popular tours you should book to Hoi An or Phong Nha Cave. We offer private car transfer from Hue to Hoi An, Private car transfer from Hoi An to Hue, Private car Hue/ Danang city tour, Private car/bus to DMZ, Paradise cave which help you save cost and avoid hassel. Our drivers are professional with great attention on the safety of our clients, friendly with suggestions what to see on the road. You get more than what you pay!

You can choose your time and route. We can also arrange airport pick up and transfer. We do both walking private tours and tours with a personal transport.

Please visit Private tours page for further information