About Us

“Vietnam is a country, not a war” – unknown

About Beebee

Beebee is a travel company which connects travelers with local hosts who are proud of their Vietnamese roots to explore wonderful story of Vietnamese history, art, architecture and way of life.

Our tours focus on the history aspects of Vietnam.

Each tour is designed and built around a few important periods of Vietnamese history that helps you to understand what happened and the movement that made Vietnam nowadays.

Beebee leads a team of licensed tour guides who manage to speak English beautifully to transform the beauty of Vietnam into legends and valuable lessons.

“There is always room for a story that can transport people to another place” – J.K.Rowling.

Traveling is to grow yourself personally and spiritually, that has been proven through many decades of people moving around the world seeking for life purposes and enlightment.

Beebee passionate experts will tell you story to cure your curiosity. Whether you are a history lover, an art student or religion researcher, you always find it meaningful to go on a tour with us. So pick one of the history and cultural topics we offer in Hue, Hoi An, try it with Beebee and see how far you have grown after being with Beebee Team.

About Thu Ngo Vu

Letter from Thu…

You might want to know a little about me. I am just a normal person that loves telling story of my beautiful country Vietnam. It is not all that exciting and really nothing extraordinary but at least it is better than you shaking hands with me and going off a tour with my team without knowing anything about me at all…

I was born in 1989, in Hue, the middle of the three children. I have an older sister who is a Vietnamese-cuisine chef in Paris and a younger brother who works as an engineer for a purified-bottle drinking water in Hanoi. I have another older sister who hopelessly died of serious birth infection when she was only 3-month old, since there was not enough antibiotics for treatment in Vietnam in the 80s. Yes, we were all among very lucky children who fiercelessly grew up during a struggling period of Vietnam after the war.


P.s Me in yellow dress with my family during Tet holiday.

Having living under a broken family with a busy mom who hardly had time to look after her children and a dad who was kind enough but drunk all the time to really spare time with us, I finished a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in Tourism with a strong motivation to get out of Hue to live on my own.

Every breath expelled was spent earning a living!

That drove me to move away from my family to live in Ho Chi Minh for my first job for a year. My freedom was not long until I was suddenly informed one day that my dad was going away since he had life-threatening lung cancer which allowed him to have only 6 months left to live.

I quit my job for a new chapter of my life, having to fight cancer alongside my dad in the hospital for almost 9 month straight. Our hard-earning money and persistent effort could not save him. One night before his death, my dad, with tears in his eyes, said, he was sorry for not spending time with us and he wanted us to know that he loved us so much…

All my grudges on him over years disappeared! That moment I learnt the lesson of forgiveness.

Dad and mom united before he went away.

Now that I had no dad anymore in the year of 2013, no job, no money and no honey ( Life could not be any lighter!). I killed my time by volunteering at a souvenir shop while looking for a new job in Hue. A handsome mid-aged man walked into our shop, apparently he was the director of a travel agency, and he wondered why this pretty girl (HA!) who spoke perfect English could not have a job!!! Lol

I had no brain to think when he opened his mouth to ask what I wanted. “I just wanted to have a job! Yes, I want to become a tour guide!”. After that encounter, I landed my dream job as a tour guide at HGH Travel, a well-known travel agency in Hue City.

I threw my whole heart into tourism business in the next three years, worked non-stop and became a top-notch tour guide with a license hanging around my neck (Ha!). I have never refused any chance to lead tour and patiently learn to create wonderful time for my clients in Hue and Hoi An area.

I even had an amazing chance to accompany Mr. Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of the famous and best film award winner, Birdman and The Revenant, and his family in 2015 to have trip to learn about The Vietnam War in Hue. After being back to Los Angeles, they FedEx-ed to me two of his officially released movies as gifts which are still displayed in the carbenet in my livingroom.

“I love being a tour guide and being proud of my Vietnamese identity…”


Thu’s Path to Entrepreneurship

“Better to fight for something than live for nothing” – George S. Patton

I enjoyed traveling and working as a tour guide. I was having a blast, making money was easy, and life was fun! Yes, life could not be any nicer to me, but something was missing. I had lost my sense of purpose and lost sight of my future. Money did not make me happy at all… so I quit my job again…

I recollected my soul and passion and decided I would dedicate my life to create meaningful impacts on people. While everybody is offering the same tours in and around Hue, I wanted to create a totally different experience for travelers in Vietnam.

People do not travel to see places anymore, they come to learn at a deeper level Vietnamese history, art, architecture and way of life; they are here to get enlightened; to understand reason why we exist…

Each of my tours is a story, that focuses on a few important periods of Vietnamese history.

Uniquely enough, we take you to visit sights that have a connection with the mentioned history period we offer.

I am so passionate about telling many beautiful stories of my hometown of Hue that I even created the Hue History Tour (also known as Hue Free Walking Tour) for travelers who’d love to learn how Hue was founded and visited sites that represent the city’s influences over time. Literally, it is a completely donation-based tour, made by love… just for you!

We created The Hue History with love, …literally just for you!

My tour guides are also different, they are young people who just finished university looking for a job, who are also proud of their Vietnamese heritage;

As a woman entrepreneur, I recognize that it’s not purely about attracting talent, but also very much about developing talent. I believe that a passionate young person + Beebee = a great host and that this can be replicated throughout Vietnam, even in the countryside…or maybe especially in the country side, where micro-entrepreneurship can serve as a foundation for building stronger communities.

So I recruited and gave my team opportunity to become great hosts for Vietnam, this included spending 2 months following senior tour guides to learn how to lead a group of travelers; practicing their English to perfection and kindly welcoming tourists being part of their life journey.

My wonderul team at Beebee Travel

Beebee Travels the World

Beebee Travel and I have been traveling to introduce Vietnamese beauty to the world. We represented Vietnam in Arkansas in 2015 on one of my internships at the Arkansas State Tourism. Why Arkansas? That is another adventure I’d love to tell you in a different post!

I worked as a Marketing Intern at Arkansas State Tourism in 2015.

We were also priviledged to represent Vietnam in Kualar Lumpur with President Barack Obama being our inspirational speaker in the YSEALI Town Hall Meeting, in 2015.

Me in the white Ao Dai, third row from bottom, on the right, represented Vietnam at the YSEALI Town Hall Meeting in 2015

We are proudly hosting APEC Women and The Economy (WEF) delegates who will come to Hue for APEC to learn about the History of Hue this September 2017.

Different people from all over walk the same paths and yet have different experiences… why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with the way those experiences are presented…

Come and tour with me, and you will see why my tours are different…

Put your trust in me, give me a chance and I promise to do my best for you.

Thu Ngo Vu